Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Evidence of Import under Import Data Processing and Monitoring System (IDPMS)

Bill of Entry (BoE) data is received in IDPMS from
·        Customs Department for EDI ports,
·        NSDL for SEZ every day and
·        AD Category – I bank for non-EDI ports

It has now been decided to discontinue submission of hardcopy of BoE, with effect from December 01, 2016.

The revised procedures are as below:

AD Category – I bank will enter BoE details and download the BoE message data from IDPMS. Thereafter, match and settle the BoE data with Outward Remittance Message (ORM) as per the message format “BOE Settlement” in IDPMS. Multiple ORMs can be settled against single BoE and also multiple BoE(s) can be settled against one ORM.

In case of imports on ‘Delivery against Acceptance’ basis, AD Category – I bank shall verify the evidence of import from IDPMS at the time of remittance.

On settlement of ORM with import, bank shall issue an acknowledgement slip to the importer containing the following details:

·        importer's full name and address with code number ;
·        number and date of BoE and the amount of import; and
·        a recap advice on number and amount of BoE and ORM not settled.

The importer needs to preserve the printed ‘Importer copy’ of BoE and acknowledgement slip for future use.

The extant instructions and guidelines for Evidence of Import in Lieu of Bill of Entry will apply mutatis mutandis. The evidence of import will be created and uploaded by AD Category – I bank of the importer in the form of BoE data as per message format “Manual BOE reporting” in IDPMS.

Follow-up for Evidence of Import : AD Category – I banks shall continue to follow up for outward remittance made for import. In case evidence of import data is not available in IDPMS on due dates against the ORM, AD Category – I bank shall follow up with the importer for submission of documentary evidence of import. Similarly, if BoE data is not settled against ORM within the prescribed period AD Category – I banks shall follow up with the importer in terms of extant instructions.

Verification and Preservation: Internal inspectors and IS auditors should carry out verification and IS audit and assurance of the “BOE Settlement” process in IDPMS. Data and process followed by AD Category –I bank for “BOE Settlement” should be preserved as per prevailing guidelines. However, in respect of cases which are under investigation by investigating agencies, the data, process and documents may be destroyed only after obtaining clearance from the investigating agency concerned.
 Based on the RBI notification dated 12/01/2016. For any further clarification, please refer www.rbi.org.in ……………….Poppy